Certified with Allegheny County as a Minority Women’s Business Enterprise (MWBE), and the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (UCP), providing services and consulting since 1992 helping improve processes to increase overall effectiveness and achieve efficient operations. R.Verness provides organizations contracted support services using information (qualitative and quantitative data), measurements, and indicators to identify process inefficiencies and then apply applicable quality process improvement tools (PROCESS IMPROVEMENT) to eliminate deficiencies and reduce waste. 



Trainings and Workshops are unique to your organization. These value-added customized trainings are designed with you, to best help accomplish strategic goals of the organization, exceed customer expectations and make work processes less complicated. Individuals/business entities are equipped with solution-focused tools and tips proven to help capture the strategic vision, expand capacity, increase confidence to operate with purpose and passion, and, that help to accomplish requirements:

  • Internal/external performance goals
  • Evidence-based outcomes/output
  • Contractual
  • Regulations
  • Other


Customers range from Fortune 500 to Small Business Enterprise, Religious Organizations and Ministries, Schools, Community-Based Organizations, and Government. Looking forward to adding You. 









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To schedule an appointment or find out more about the services offered, please call me

412-726-8182, send an email robin.kelly@rverness.com, and/or complete the contact form ("Contact Us"}.

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